Epic 46, part 1

Events of the Ancient Age:
I meet Korea very early on. My second contact turns out to unexpectedly be Japan. That ship had sailed to contact the Ottomans. My next contact is Portugal just one turn before the Ottomans. When I can establish embassies I am amazed how screwed Portugal was for a start. I later make contact with the Mongols. The Great Lighthouse at least paid off in letting me contact the Byzantines and the Aztecs.

After some exploring I find that I am stuck with Korea as my only neighbor. I thought this was a builder's game? I know I need to start preparing for war before 2000 BC. The first Korean War starts in 900 BC. Unit cost is a killer with a 2CC and with 3 settler pairs to kill for workers is too hard to resist. It ends in 730 BC when I can get another worker.
The second Korea war begins in 70BC when several workers are available. It ends in 90 AD after the RnG turned on me costing several units.

I completed the Colossus for a big boast in revenue. I complete the Mausoleum for extra happy help to reduce luxury tax. I complete the Great Lighthouse as a default prize after missing the Pyramids by ONE lousy turn. It proved that slight mistakes could kill you, as I realized I made a couple of bad workers actions. The Great Library is ours simply because I had nothing else to do with the shields.

I missed the Philosophy to Republic maneuver. Due to being religious I decide to revolt to Monarchy temporarily to get rid of the despotism penalty. It also lets me reduce the luxury tax 10% with the extra MP.

The ancient age ended in 90BC with the Ottomans and Byzantines the tech leaders and Spain just shortly behind.
Events of the Middle Age:

I complete Leo's Workshop, Sistine Chapel to get the most out of the churches, Magellan's Voyage as the losers prize after just missing Copernicus' Observatory followed by Bach's, and Smith's Trading Company.

The second Ottoman war begins, and this time it isn't a phony war. The war begins 670 AD and ends 720 AD costing them a city on my continent. That city was claiming potential future resources on my continent and the territory is now inside my borders.

I had designated Korea as the odd man out from the beginning of the game. The third war against Korea starts in 760 AD as I have the chance to pick up several more workers. I want enough workers to rail quickly, and to deal with pollution. It takes a lot of free workers to clean a mountain tile. This war nets a very nice 13 workers. It ends 1010 AD.

The first Japan war starts when they build a city that will steal the saltpeter with a border expansion. All I gain is safeguarding the resource and 1 lousy worker. It last from 1110 AD to 1160 AD.

I am giving away techs as bargain basement prices to most of the civs. I wanted for the AI to help some, and I got a few stray techs that way (Education, Chivalry and Astronomy. I voluntarily give away contacts at this point to speed the tech pace.

We have a GA courtesy of the Sistine Chapel. To limit the risk of accidental 20K win I sold and rebuilt the really old buildings. I perform a rarity and revolt to Democracy for the double speed workers.

The Middle Ages end at 1250 as I purchase Magnetism saving 2 turns on the research.

Events of the Industrial Age:
I get a rough start, as the free techs are Steam Power and Medicine. In desperation I gift Korea to the Industrial Age to lower the price, but they draw Nationalism. I burn all of the cash reserve I had been building up to get Medicine and Steam Power.

The fourth Korean War begins in 1255 AD when I discover there town is sitting on the coal source I want. Korea then signs an MPP with the Byzantine. This time it gets very ugly as MPP cascade brings the Ottomans into the fight. I get totally screwed, as a worker stack is lost to an Ottoman musket that was passing through my territory. I then get stuck with a Japan war. I get some luck as I get a leader that will be saved to rush the Apollo program. The mess ends 1345 AD without much damage, but not much accomplished.

I complete Newton's University, Theory of Evolution, and Hoover Dam.

The fifth Korean Was begins in 1764 when they declare war as part of an alliance.

The Industrial Age ends about 1770 AD.


Events of the Modern Age:
The fifth Korean War cascades and drags the Ottomans into the fight. This doesnít hurt to badly as this makes it the perfect time to steal Fission. I see an eventual war with Portugal as they stole the Uranium source unless I can buy it dirt-cheap somewhere. The war ends in 1788AD when I knock them down to a 1CC. I then gift them to the modern age and proceed to steal computers.

I find my problem resource is going to be the critical aluminum. It looks like I will have to buy it from the Mongols and hope they donít lose their spare source.

I complete SETI for the extra research ability.

I launch the space ship in 1970 AD and leave this war torn planet.


We shall see where this one finishes. I am not at all happy with my performance this game. I have gotten to use to map stat to check happy faces / trading and I missed things such as war happiness ending causing a riot. A 2CC should never see a riot.

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