Epic 47, part 1

Ancient Age:
What a strange start. There is plenty of production with an absurd amount of bonus grasslands, but not much else.

Barbarian chariots are going to make expansion a headache. In 2230BC I thought I made a first contact, but it turns out to be a barb spearman. Maybe I should have gone for Warrior Code quicker. I make a real contact with Germany in 2070 BC. After that we shortly find India and the Inca. I locate Egypt while poking around the Incan lands and Carthage a turn later. I finally find Persia at 975 BC. Much later I find Korea and I have one mystery civ left to find. My final contact is the Celts in 370 AD.

The first piece of good news is that I do have horses by the capitol. The second good news is I have multiple iron sources.

The expansion phase has been terrible. The AIs expansion level feels beyond deity. I am getting the bad feeling I am attempting a Sid level game. I have never won at the level. I am totally screwed for luxuries and it appears that each AI capitol got one.

350 BC sees massive uprisings when I only have 7 ancient age techs. This is worse than a deity hole. It continues to get worse with Leo's under construction and I only am working on writing.

300 AD sees a glimmer of hope as I can trade iron to Korea for techs. Of course a few turns later I see the Inca start beating them up.

420 AD is the start of a war with Carthage. I positively hate despotic GAs, but I have no idea when I will have a better government. What is absurd is all I will be able to do is build more units that I will have to disband after the GA. I am on the verge of economic collapse due to unit cost and need to expand. The gains from the war are 6 workers, and one town location with iron.

430 AD starts the Greek and Carthage GAs.

480 AD is when it hits the fan. The Celts ally with Carthage against us. With every single unit up north this will get ugly if the Celts have much in the way of troops. It cascades with the Celts allying with the Inca against us.

490 AD ends the Carthage war paying an absurd $13/turn to get out of it.

500 AD has a very major disappointment that Carthage built a city on the other side of the iron before I could even place mine. The war was a complete waste of time with no cities gain.

End of age summary:
The biggest danger so far is that Persia has completed 4 wonders in Persepolis and is a very serious threat for a 20K victory.

This was as far as I got with the game. The absurd number of units in the game made the game very frustrating. I pretty much hit the wall and had no clue what to do next.

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