Epic 48, part 1

Based on the rules of no pre-builds I am writing off all ancient age wonders. The earliest wonder I will risk may be Copernicus. It depends how long before the wonder pop ups give me a hint of tech leadership.

With a space race goal and "limited" warring republic will be the government of choice. I plan to beeline to literature, as early libraries will be key. The big question will be how large can I make the empire. Farmer's Gambit is out with the annoying raging barbs. The early goal is to hopefully research something unique so that the AIs will contact me. Without any trades it will take to long to become the tech leader.

I interpreted the no F4 screen to also mean no embassies. Of course, I don't know how much value they have without looking at F4.

Expansionist did earn its worth with a free settler in 3150 BC. Ceremonial Burial was free in 3000 BC. Warrior Code was free in 2670 BC. Masonry was free in 1950 BC. Mysticism was free in 1075 BC. I got one of those annoying free villages in 1750 BC that was so far from my home it wasn't worth keeping. I got the advanced village again in 1150BC that would have been pillaged to death and instantly abandoned.

We became aware of Spain in 3100 BC. France was found 2900 BC and they contacted us to trade Burial for Bronze Working. Spain contacted us in 875 BC to trade Iron Working for Writing. I become aware of Rome in 10 AD, Babylon in 50 AD, the Iroquois in 360 AD, and the Zulu in 450 AD. The AI tries several times during the game to sell me Monarchy. The Zulu offer an absurd in 1515 AD wanting to give me Printing Press for Communism.

I got screwed early with the combat rolls losing 2 attacking warriors to barbs. This forced a higher luxury rate and delayed my growth when the barbs killed a pop point. Have I mentioned I *hate* playing with barbs? I haven't seen it in so long that I forget that barbs will use roads and I watch 2 workers die. I never knew barb horses had blitz ability. WT????

I did pull of the Philosophy gambit to hit Republic first.

I forget how much the 3-man chariot sucks since it takes away the regular horseman, making mountain fighting a pain. It will take ages to get rid of those barbarians past the mountains. The massive barb uprising occurs in 30 BC when I am 2 turns from leaving the Ancient Age.

I saw no rules against accepting flips, so Toulouse joins our empire in 410 AD.

During the Middle Ages I did an atypical science run of rushing to Astronomy and Economics before Feudalism. I felt this was the best chance at the first to key wonders I wanted.

I completed the following wonders: Copernicus in 800 AD, Smith's in 990 AD (tripping our GA!), Bach's in 1170 AD (that will allow 0% luxury tax soon), Newton's in 1295 AD, Hoover in 1605 AD, ToE in 1675 AD (taking Fission and Rocketry), SETI in 1768 AD, and the Internet in 1792 AD. I did cut it close on ToE as France starting building ToE, as I was almost finished.

I entered the Industrial Age in 1200 AD. I can tell at least Spain is way behind when their free walls disappear several turns later. I finally notice smokestacks started to show up on the AI civs in 1415 AD after I have already completed 6 IA techs.

Rome was the first civ to die in 1505 AD. The Iroquois followed shortly after in 1575 AD.

This was the first game in ages that I really felt explorers had value. Without the ability to trade maps, this was the only way to map out the other continent. Not to mention getting a better lay of this continent.

The exterior casing requires rubber, so I felt a war to get it was justified under the rules. I saw key natural resources as those required to launch the spaceship based on the example. However, before I even start the war I find I am also missing uranium. There is no question that a war against France is justified. The war begins when I fire artillery into their lands to get the war option without using the diplomacy screen. It actually turns into a bit of a challenge when Spain also declares war. Since I never bother to get knights or cavalry as they distracted from the goal, I didn't need this extra enemy. Not to mention I hate fighting speed 6 conquistadors. I tripped a MPP and Babylon is also fighting me.

The war with France lasted from 1758 AD to 1772 AD. It only took the loss of 3 cities to talk.

The war with Spain lasted from 1760 AD to 1814 AD. Spain is a shell of its former self.

The war with Babylon lasted from 1758 AD to 1802 AD. I guess he got tired of the bombers hitting is coast and the number of ships that were sunk. It looks like the invasion fleet I started won't be needed, as I was beginning to think I would need to visit his continent to end the war.

In 1760 AD I secured the needed uranium. The French presence in the northern tundra went in 1762 AD. The Spanish presence in the northern tundra went in 1764 AD. Rubber was secured in 1768 AD.

The follow was the progress toward launching:
Apollo in 1792 AD, Cockpit in 1802 AD, Docking Bay in 1806 AD, Engine in 1812 AD, Storage in 1818 AD, Exterior Casing in 1830 AD, Thrusters in 1838 AD, Fuel Cells in 1840 AD, Life Support in 1844 AD, Party Lounge in 1856 AD and Stasis Chamber in 1870 AD.

I am not sure if I managed to keep the variant intent. The French war took out 3 cities. One for rubber, one for uranium, and a third that interfered with protecting the uranium. The Babylon war never saw a city exchange hands. I got that to end my bombing their ships out of existence and damaging the tiles that I could reach with bombers. The Spanish were incredibly stubborn. I kept increasing the pain level with lost units and cities but the wouldn't contact me for peace for ages. They finally give in when I was about to produce my first modern armor army. Over half the Spanish empire was destroyed.

Take away the annoying rule of can't contact for peace and I could have easily dropped 10 to 20 turns off the launch date. The AI civs barely made the modern age. Without the wasted luxury rate during the Spanish war I would have launched before the last of the AI civs went modern.

Our apologies if the professor's notes are a bit disorganized and scattered.

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