Epic 50, part 2

I met the Zulu in 30 BC.
I met the Romans in 30 AD.
I also got my first hint about the map shape when I can sell a worker to Egypt. It now looks like my landmass may be a giant U shape that contains me, Spain and Egypt. That will make keeping all the women alive for scoring very difficult.

I met the Mongols in 50 AD. This is the third contact in a row with no trading possibilities.

The failure of the iron city had another consequence. I wasn't until 130 AD that I finally built this city.

The surprises continued in 170 AD with the Ottomans landing this settler pair. Every war makes diplomatic victory harder, but I can't have one of the 5 key cities threaten with competition on this landmass.

I formed 3 more cities in 230 AD. I will eventually show another updated map with the city layout. This included the horse city up north. I hope I can snag at least one of the dyes up north.
There are times you absolutely want to kill the AI. This is one of those times:

The Monarchy of Babylon was formed in 310AD.
What was I saying about the AI being annoying?

I finally meet the elusive Russians in 370 AD. When you talk about an awkward location to meet a civ this is it. Kathy can't even get her gift of wines until Navigation.

I can finally offer the Byzantines their gift of wines in 370 AD. I still need to make Isabella happy, and meet my obligations with Kathy. Why couldn't Joannie be the fourth female?
Zariqum is formed in 390 BC.
The game can really be funny sometimes. I cave to the Persian demand for some minor cash. The very next announcement is that Persia declares war on Rome.

Even with the Diplomatic win goal, you knew it wouldn't be 100% peaceful. I need a civ to trip my GA. I was so busy trying to expand toward the dyes that I hadn't gotten around to this backfill location yet. My expansion has really been slowed down by the horrid lack of shields in the early cities. What is absurd is that 3 of the 4 bowmen died, and the town withstood my initial assault. When you read the game objectives, do you think it is a coincidence that I tripped my GA just as I can build libraries, and churches a couple of turns later?

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