Adventure 1, part 2

The Great Lighthouse is built in 150 AD.

A low-odds merchant arrives in 300 AD. He is merged into Nottingham where I hope to build a shrine one year. The bad news is the first GP had the highest chance of being a priest since I am now building the Great Library.

The artist from music arrives in 450 AD, and will be saved toward a GA.

The Great Library is built in 540 AD.

A scientist arrives in 720 AD, and builds an academy in London.

The empire expands to the new world.

Another scientist arrives in 1060 AD and starts a golden age.

The globe is circumnavigated in 1080 AD.

Taoism is founded in 1100 AD in Hastings.

A scientist arrives in 1140 AD. He researches a good chunk of education.

The empire continues to claim the new world.

A barb city is captured.

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