Adventure 9, the complete report

I feel sorry for anyone who doesn't review the cities. An emphasis on shields with these variant rules is really, really painful. Having Spain that founded no religions is quite odd.

That Arab city on the opposite side of my lands is paying off, as the AI is building roads through my lands to connect it. I will gladly take some free worker actions.

I can tell how bad the initial economy was when Arabia founds Islam as I am up to currency research. I finally enter the medieval era in 1400 AD. With a decent 60% science rate, I am at least moving forward. However, I am still way behind the other AIs and only getting an occasional tech trade to speed things up.

My first decent tech break is researching paper, as I get to pick up a few techs in trade. I entered the renaissance era in 1535 AD via education.

Since I managed to spread all 3 religions inside my borders to every city, I gladly revolt to free religion. I can really use the 10% science boast. Building longbows when the AI is building rifles doesn't make me feel comfortable. The good news is I am catching up on AI with my GNP rate, and I am finally not 7th in soldiers. The biggest danger zone has passed.

I entered the industrial era in 1750 AD.

I entered the modern era in 1870 AD.

Despite this being prince level, my first wonder is completed in 1884 AD. I am the proud owner of the Pentagon.

I finally get a golden age in 1894 AD. Since I am behind the curve in building Apollo, I need every little bit of help possible. I finally complete Apollo in 1910 AD after at least 3 other AIs. This is going to be very tight.

My second completed wonder is Three Gorges Dam. Based on why my spies saw, I *barely* got this one. Since my cities couldn't afford the health hit from coal plants, this was a big plus.

I lost the space elevator by 3 turns. Even though I stopped Egypt via spies, the slimy Chinese beat me to the punch. However, I still prefer China to getting. Egypt is the number one threat.

The first war of the game starts in 1954 AD when Saladin declares war on last place Elizabeth.

The space race is so tight that I have to make a desperation move and sell China ecology for $4000 in order to delays Egypt's space engine. I can't finish fusion research and build the engine that fast enough.

I manage to start the Engine, and thanks to Iron Works I need only 9 turns in Madrid.

I lost by 6 lousy turns to China. The space elevator failure proved critical.

The desperation move to stop Egypt cost me the game.

In the end I felt my key mistake was not to set up an early GP farm. I few free techs of any type would have made the difference.

I don't have the game on my hard drive, so the only thing I could do is copy the short report from the Realms Beyond forum and publish it on the website.

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