Adventure 10, the ancient and classic eras

This is a very delayed shadow of the game. The game was originally played ages ago. Due to the lack of new RB events, I decided to try some of the old events that I never got around to playing. This is another one of them. The only thing I recall from the reports is plenty of conquest, but the reading the variant brings me to the same conclusion as the best way to win. If everyone is dead, then there is no question I have the biggest army.

I see no reason to move the settler, so I build at the starting spot.

My initial tech path was agriculture, animal husbandry, and bronze working.
My initial builds were worker, warrior, warrior, and warrior. I went with several warriors, as I need to explore quickly to determine the best second city spot. Highlands tends to produce a lot of lousy city spots with nothing but hills and no food to support them.
Huts produced high gold, scout, experience, scout,

I entered the classical era really early at 2160 BC. My goal is early conquest, and that means finding the iron. Do I even have to explain why this is my second city?

I declare one of my earliest wars in 425 BC against Spain. The war starts terrible when Praetorians bite the dust at Madrid despite several attacks being above 50%. It took forever to try again as Izzy overloaded Madrid with archers, but this time I succeed and keep the city.

Time to start burning them...

It starts right back up in 375 AD with the target being Germany.

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