Adventure 19, the ancient through medieval eras

Mao has been told that there is another great land other then the one he lives on today. He understands his destiny is to rule this new land. For that Mao has been giving ships that can cross great distances, and the ability to study the stars in the sky.

I move west for the cattle. It is debatable if this is the best, but I also hate to waste a forest square.

My initial tech path was animal husbandry, the wheel, and pottery.
My initial builds were worker, warrior and warrior.
Huts produced maps, bronze working (revealing nearby copper), and maps.

I can already see Monty is going to be trouble. I was 3 turns from a perfect city at gray dot. An early war may be forced. I can't afford to lose such a powerful income site.

I don't think I have ever seen an AI boxed in to just one city like this before. America really drew the short straw.

The city expansion continues. What is bad is this may be the last good site I can grab.

GP farm builds Stonehenge in 1000 BC. My first GP arrives in 775 BC. Burning a scientist for math seems wasteful, so I build an academy in GP farm. GP farm continues to live up to its name.

The city expansion continues with a total junk city.

Have I mentioned that Monty is getting on my nerves?

Our first prophet discovers Christianity in 25 BC. Of course, iron waste has to be the home. It is a city that will never be able to build any decent shrine multipliers.
I lost another city site by just a couple of turns.

GP farm really goes for the gold, and completes the Great Library in 300 AD. Monty declares war on Vicky shortly after she builds that annoying city. Did the new close borders trip the psycho over the edge?
This one isn't going to help relations, but I could use another income city.
I pop another prophet in 400AD. I am not sure how powerful a shrine will be, but I do have him build the Christian shrine.
GP farm has its first failure, as I didn't build the Parthenon. My gut feeling said it was to late, but I still gave it a shot. I am the first to circle the globe.
I go into prophet overload in 780 AD, and get another. 2 extra shields will do wonders for helping Iron Waste build multipliers for the shrine, so I sent him there. I had no interest in divine right. The $5 also works well with a city planning to build all possible income multipliers.
GP farm builds the Hanging Gardens in 1030 AD.
I get another GS in 1090 AD that light bulbs philosophy.
GP farm builds the Hagia Sophia in 1230 AD.

It took longer then expected, but we have landed in the new world.

The GP overload continues in 1280 AD, so Iron Waste will get another merged prophet. Now I need to start to spread Christianity better to take advantage of the shrine.
I pop a GE that is going to wait around to rush Taj Mahal. The odds look good for me to be the first to liberalism. I pop a low odds GE, and need to figure out what to do with him.
I pull of the pretty standard nationalism grab.

Victoria beats me to Versailles. I was planning to rush it in the new world, but the GE was still a couple of turns away. If I had thought ahead better, I could have gotten that wonder.

I go into GE insanity, and pop a third one in 1555 AD. I now have two of them sitting around looking for a game plan. The absurdity continues in 1645 AD.

I finally continue the expansion in the new world.

The new world expansion continues and I gain a new health resource with pigs, and a new happy resource in gold. This was one of the ideas behind my variant. I would secure a bunch of new resources from the new world. The trouble is I underestimated how much troops would be tied up fighting the natives.

You have got to be kidding me.

I had a bad feeling when I saw Monty go vassalage and theocracy. It proves true in 1760 AD when he declares war. I promptly give Victoria rifling to join the war. I have a decent amount of rifles, but Monty's cavalry stack doesn't look friendly.
Just after the war started GP farm builds the Statue of Liberty. Normally with 5 cities on the continent I wouldn't bother, but when you can "waste" two GE to rush it.

I entered the industrial era in 1795 AD.

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