Adventure 20, the ancient and classical eras

With this being noble I don't expect a lot of help from the AI on the tech front. This is clearly a game of generating prophets for shrines, and scientists. I think the scientist will be critical, as they will contribute above average toward the science rate.

A coastal city on an oasis map at the top of the world is a waste. However, moving south takes away the sheep and moving the warrior reveals nothing.

My initial tech path was mediation, polytheism, and animal husbandry.
My initial builds were worker, warrior, and warrior.
Huts produced the agriculture, high gold, a map, and warrior.

Mecca is the holy city for Buddhism and Hinduism.

The city isn't great food wise, but marble and horses are hard to resist.

I find I have copper in the one tile that I put a cottage on. I hate wasted worker turns this early.
I complete Stonehenge in 1680 BC.

I add Judaism to my list of religions.
Wonder building will be real easy now. With the absurd number of floodplains, this looks like it may be my GP farm.

I get a prophet in 825 BC that builds the Buddhist shrine.
I entered the classical era in 550 BC.
Damascus is the Confucianism holy city.
I complete the Oracle in 250 BC, and slingshot to civil service. This puts me into the medieval era.

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