Adventure 20, the medieval era

My next prophet arrives in 100 BC. I use him to found Christianity in Damascus for another double holy city.
I complete Chichen Itza in 25 BC. Have you spotted a pattern yet in my wonder building?

I have my first missed religion when Frederick founds Taoism.
I build my first non-prophet wonder, The Parthenon, in Medina to avoid polluting my prophet pool.
My next prophet gives me a big jump on divine right. This lets me found Islam. Damascus becomes a triple holy city.
I completed the Spiral Minaret in 740 AD.
I build the Jewish shrine in 760 AD.
Medina completes the Great Library in 920 AD.
My first scientist appears in 960 AD and researches Philosophy.
I have hit the point where I feel my economy can take over the world despite no courthouses. The first war begins, and I turn on Napoleon.

I get another prophet in 1070 AD, and he builds the Hindu shrine.

In the middle of this war I complete Angkor Wat in Mecca.
I get an artist in 1170 AD that will help with a border in one of the French cities.
I entered the renaissance era in 1210 AD.

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