Adventure 24, the ancient through medieval eras

The start isn't very impressive, but I don't see enough to justify moving the settler.
I start with a worker, and researching Animal Husbandry.
I suffer a lousy RnG start when my exploring warrior dies on turn 13.
We get food and metals. This city needs civil service irrigation to hit maximum potential.

I complete my first wonder in 2200 BC - Stonehenge.
The next wonder is completed in 1760 BC - The Great Wall.
I get my first GP in 1000 BC - a prophet. He will head toward the new city to be merged.
I add the Pyramids to the wonder list in 975 BC. I revolt to representation immediately.
I snagged the super income city site. Can you say cottage overload?

Despite massive chopping I lost the battle for Temple of Artemis by 4 lousy turns.
I entered the classical era in 625 BC.
I am shocked to complete the Oracle in 250 BC. I take the most expensive tech of Metal Casting.
I get another prophet in 200 BC, and he is also merged into Lyons.
The Parthenon is the next wonder to be completed in 175 BC. I also complete Status of Zeus that year.
I complete the Great Library in 50 AD. That is one of my earlier dates for completing it.
Mansa is boxing me in. I feel with the peaceful play rule I must grab this junk city for the silver.

Lyons completes the Colossus in 125 AD.
I get an artist in 175 AD, the turn before I complete music.
The first artist will be merged into Lyons, and the second will start a GA. It is early in the game for a GA, but I need push more of the early wonders out ASAP.
I entered the medieval era in 200 AD.
I complete the Shwedagon Paya in 300 AD.
I get a scientist in 400 AD. He will build an academy in my income city of Lyons.
I complete the Hanging Gardens in 520 AD.
I complete Sistine Chapel in 700 AD.
My GP luck is cursed as I get yet another artist in 740 AD. Drama isn't worth the free research, so I put him on hold for the moment. He eventually researches theology.
I complete the Mausoleum of Maussollos in 880 AD.
I build the mediocre fishing village. I should be able to get decent income from it.

I get an engineer in 1040 that rushes the Hagia Sofia.
I complete Angkor Wat in 1100 AD.
I complete the Apostolic Palace in 1140 AD. I am nervous after building this when everyone votes for Justinian.
For the moment I am safe as Asoka has no votes, but with multiple civs beating him up I am not sure how long he will survive.
I complete Norte Dame in 1180 AD.
I get a great spy in 1200 AD. I merge him into Lyons, and every EP will help.
I add the University of Sankore to the list in 1260 AD.
I add the Spiral Minaret to the list in 1330 AD.
I add another fishing village. I am going to need more cities to complete Wall Street and Oxford University.

I entered the renaissance era in 1340 AD.

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