Adventure 24, the renaissance to future eras

I pop a scientist in 1370 AD that is joined into Lyons. It is starting to get hard to call on merge vs. free research.
I complete the Taj Mahal in 1430 AD tripping the extra long golden age.
I fill out the last marginal spot I want.

I complete Versailles in 1440 AD.
I get another scientist in 1480 AD. Paris isn't great for income, but it is my second best city. I build an academy there.
I get another prophet in 1525 AD, and merge him into Lyons.
Despite Mansa beating me to democracy, I complete the Statue of Liberty in 1585 AD.
Prophet insanity continues in 1590 AD, so I merge another into Lyons.
I entered the industrial era in 1635 AD still trying to catch up to Mansa and Justinian.
I get another artist in 1655 AD and put him on hold.
I swear Mansa couldn't care about wonders. Despite him getting communism before me I complete The Kremlin in 1715 AD. I get a bonus this turn, when I finally get a revolt in Walata.
My tech failure shows up when Broadway is completed before I even know about electricity. I might have had a chance if a GE didn't rush the wonder.
This helps nicely. The Mansa threat has been reduced, and I get another city with high research potential.

I now use the great artist to help solidify cultural control of Walata. I want the matured towns on the other side under my control.
I get an engineer in 1755 AD.
I complete The Pentagon in 1785 AD. I create mining inc the same turn.
I get a prophet in 1820 AD that I will save toward a GA.
I entered the modern era in 1822 AD.
I complete Cristo Redentor in 1832 AD.
I complete Rock and Roll in 1838 AD.
I complete the UN in 1842 AD.
I complete Hollywood in 1852 AD.
I get a merchant in 1854 AD that trips another GA.
I suspect the odds of another GA are low, but I put the artist on ice.
I get a scientist in 1900 AD, and curse the corporation competition rule. At this point I need Aluminum Co far more then I need Mining Inc. Relying on the AI to get it in trade isn't a stable source for a space race.
I complete the Three Gorges Dam in 1903 AD.
I get a merchant in 1920 AD. I trip a GA to speed up construction of the space elevator.
It isn't a wonder, but I complete The Internet in 1921 AD.
I get a useless prophet in 1925 AD. The game won't last long enough to get another GA, so I simply merge him into Lyons.
I complete the Space Elevator in 1928 AD.
I enter the future era in 1940 AD.
I picked up the free GE from fusion, and I have no clue how to use him.
I get another engineer. Since science isn't my worry, I merge him into Lyons.
I launch my ship in 1971 AD.
With just one turn left in the game, I get an artist.

Looking at the top city list I suspect I could have also won by culture.

Well this is pretty lame. You can tell it was always peace game. I can't recall the last time I played a game and wasn't involved in a single war.

The final score with 30 wonders completed.

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