Adventure 28, the ancient through classical eras

The expansion phase begins.

I entered the classical era in 2200 BC.
I completed Stonehenge in 2080 BC.
This is a nice random event. It does wonders for speeding up the early growth curve.

I completed the Great Wall in 1640 BC. It quickly earns it money when a random barbarian uprising event is deflected toward an AI (Joao?).
The expansion of the empire continues.

My first GP is a prophet that is merged into Amsterdam.
I complete the Oracle in 675 BC and grab Metal Casting as my free tech.
The expansion of the empire continues.

I complete the Pyramids in 425 BC, and I revolt to representation.
The expansion of the empire continues.

I get an engineer in 75 BC. It is a long time to wait, but I put him on ice for Creative Constructions. If I can all three culture generating corporations, it will guarantee me a high score.
I've trashed my economy for the moment as science drops to 20% positive cash flow, but I grab the dye heavy site.

I complete the Statue of Zeus in 300 AD.
The Portuguese are going to a real pain with my only source of horses.

I can't afford a dead weight, no food bonus city, so I simply disband the city. At least I hurt Joao a little.

I complete the Parthenon in 475 AD.
I get another prophet in 560 AD. I merge him into Amsterdam. This puts me up to 30% break even science.
I complete Shwedagon Paya in 700 AD.
I add another city to the empire. The economy is decent, and I pre-mined the gems so that the city will pay for itself quickly.

I entered the medieval era in 860 AD.

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