Adventure 28, the medieval and renaissance eras

Random events can really be silly sometimes. Since I have the Great Wall I really don't care about massive barb uprisings.
I complete the Great Library in 900 AD. I get yet another prophet this turn. If had to rut out, this isn't a bad choice. I can still use more income, and the extra shields help with my super-wonder capitol strategy. He was merged into Amsterdam.
I snagged the artist from music 1050 AD. I save him for Civilized Jewelers.
I get a scientist in 1060 AD that builds an academy in Amsterdam.
I complete an absurdly late Chichen Itza in 1110 AD.
I get stuck with an artist in 1150 AD that is merged into Amsterdam.
Of all the possible wars, I didn't expect it to be Hannibal. He declared in 1200 AD. I was already third in soldiers, and above him in power. I didn't think he was that aggressive.
I get Ragnar to join the war to build up MMS points, and to hopefully burn some of that monster stack sitting on my borders.
I entered the renaissance era in 1220 AD. I complete one of the two killer wonders for this variant the same turn - Sistine Chapel.
I popped a source of iron in Utrecht in 1230 AD. Is this the RnG offering a token present for a being stuck at war? I don't argue since Utrecht is primarily a production city.
I get another prophet in 1250 AD, and once again I merge him into Amsterdam.
I prove that sometimes doing nothing is the best war strategy when Babylon assaults Maastricht killing just 1 unit. I knew it couldn't fall the first turn since my stack of obsolete archers was in the city. I get rewarded with my first general that creates a medic chariot in 1270 AD.
I complete the Apostolic Palace in 1290 AD. The bad news is Joao wins the vote as all eligible civs vote for him.
The super medic is enough to open up the Heroic Epic. Utrecht starts building it.
I complete Angkor Wat in 1350 AD. My reward is for prophet insanity to continue. I merged another prophet into Amsterdam.
There are still times I swear the AI cheats and only attacks when it can win. I watch 5 units on a hill get destroy when I should have won at least 2 of the battles. This delays by offensive on Babylon by multiple turns.
I am the first to liberalism in 1430 AD and grab economics. I barely beat Pascal to it, and that was only because he made the mistake of trading me banking. Without risking Taj Mahal and giving up nationalism I wouldn't have snagged the free merchant.
I complete Taj Mahal in 1450 AD, and trip my first GA.
I suffer my first incomplete wonder when I can't build Notre Dame.
Prophet insanity continues in 1460 AD, and I merge another one into Amsterdam.
I complete the University of Sankore in 1490 AD.
I complete the Spiral Minaret in 1515 AD. Do I need to even state that I love my Buddhist buildings?
What are those odds of getting nothing but prophets? I get even another one in 1520 AD that we merged into Amsterdam.

I go on the offensive, and raze Dur-Kurigalzu in 1555 AD. As the Dutch I really hate cities one from the coast. This fight earns me a general that it merged into Utrecht, the home of Heroic Epic.
I get a scientist in 1580 AD. I build in academy in Delft, the future home of Oxford University.
I captured Akkad in 1600 AD. I now control the Confucian Shrine.
Joao declares war on Ragnar in 1610 AD. This secures my southern front while I take out the rest of Babylon.
I build a filler city. In a normal game I wouldn't bother with a non-resource city, but in this variant every city is more cultural buildings.

I captured Babylon in 1635 AD. I have another military city with 2 merged generals, and a merged engineer.
I entered the industrial era in 1650 AD.

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