Adventure 32, part 1

The addition of the techs adds even more oddness then mentioned. While I can build Wall Street, I can't build banks to enable it. The Great Lighthouse is already obsolete. There are probably more key ones to watch.
This one is a bit much, and it took a while at turn 0 to decide on a plan. The first load of the game I didn't even move a unit. All I did was study the impact of the free techs, and try to figure out the most critical GP to target.

After a lot of thought I decided I want three culture corps, and I will need an engineer, merchant, and artist. The engineer is from Pyramids and a forge. The merchant is from caste system flooding a city with merchants making sure the engineer arrives first. I won't have enough time to pop a third GP and make the 1 AD target. That means I need to get music first in the BC time frames.

The expansion phase begins.

I complete the Oracle in 1680 BC, and grab metal casting. I need the engineer from the forge to have a change to get my three target great people.

I founded Confucianism in 1000 BC.

I complete the Pyramids in 925 BC. I revolt to representation and caste system. I will need to run some merchants to get my target great people fast enough.

I complete the Colossus in 800 BC.

I get my expected engineer in 575 BC. He incorporates Creative Constructions.

I complete the Temple of Artemis in 550 BC.

I get my expected merchant in 400 BC. He incorporates Sid's Sushi.

I get back to empire expansion.

I complete the Great Library in 300 BC. I snagged the artist from music the same turn, and will get Civilized Jewelers. I didn't get as much resistance as expected. The only corporation that was taken was Standard Ethanol by Sitting Bull.

I complete the Parthenon in 100 BC. That will partially offset facing all philosophical civs. I popped an engineer that turn that rushed most of Hollywood.

I grab another location. The pickings got slim rather fast.

I scored 350 points the first scoring period with 3 corporations, and 5 branches.

I complete the Mausoleum of Mausollos in 125 AD.

I grab a marginal spot.

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