Adventure 32, part 2

I popped a scientist in 225 AD that I will save for Aluminum Corporation.

I grab what appears to be the last open spot. My scouts are still looking for any sliver of land to claim.

I complete the Hanging Gardens in 250 AD.

I complete Hollywood in 425 AD.

I popped a merchant in 540 AD. He will perform a trade mission.

I get my first flip. Not much of a city, but every tile counts.

I get a scientist in 700 AD. With my racing to astronomy to grab some of the island, I trip an extended golden age.

I popped another engineer in 840 AD, and he rushes most of Three Gorges Dam.

I grab something on the island. There aren't a lot of spots left for me.

I get another merchant in 980 AD. I will let him form Cereal Corps as a defensive move. I can't believe no AI pulled a great merchant at this point in the game.

This completes what I can initially grab on the island.

I complete the Three Gorges Dam in 1030 AD.

I am the first to liberalism in 1040 AD, and take economics. I grabbed the free merchant, and will perform another trade mission.
Merchant insanity continues in 1110 AD, and once again I perform a trade mission.

I get an engineer in 1160 AD. I am one turn from democracy, so I will have him help with Statue of Liberty.

Thanks to expanding borders, I can place another city.

I complete the Statue of Liberty in 1240 AD.

I get another scientist in 1260 AD. I save him toward a second golden age.

Thanks to expanding borders, I can place another city.

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