Adventure 35, part 1

I place my first city.

I complete the Great Lighthouse in 2020 BC.

I complete the Oracle in 1780 BC and grab metal casting.

I place my next city.

I get a merchant in 1420 BC, and merge him into Paris.

I complete the Colossus in 1240 BC.

I complete the Temple of Artemis in 960 BC.

I get another merchant in 880 BC, and once again he is merged into Paris.

I complete The Hanging Gardens in 760 BC.

I place my next city.

I complete the Pyramids in 560 BC. I also get a priest this turn, and merge him into Paris.

I lost my first desired wonder of the Parthenon. To be honest, I am surprised how many I've gotten so far.

I complete the Great Library in 400 BC.

I get a scientist in 320 BC that builds an academy in Paris.

I place my next city.

I miss another almost completed wonder with Shwedagon Paya. It wasn't a great wonder, but I hate losing a wonder when I have just one turn to go.

I get an engineer in 160 BC that I save for Mining, Inc.

I place my next city.

I found Taoism in the newly placed Marseilles.

I complete the University of Sankore in 40 BC.

I get another scientist in 40 AD, and merge him into Paris.

I complete Chichen Itza in 120 for the priest points.

I place my final city.

I complete Angkor Wat in 230 AD. I merged another scientist into Paris.

I am the first to liberalism in 320 AD, and take nationalism.

Scientist overload continues in 380 AD, and another is merged into Paris.
It still continues 530 AD with yet another scientist that is merged.

I popped a source of gems in 650 AD.
I finally know that Brennus is the missing civ. At this point knowing him is worthless, as he hates me.

I get a merchant in 710 AD that is merged into Marseilles, the future home of Wall Street.

I had no interest in another religion, but Islam is founded in 770 AD in Chartres.

I complete the Statue of Liberty in 820 AD.

I grab the merchant from economics in 880 AD, and merge him into Marseilles.

I get stuck with another scientist in 900 AD, and merge him into Paris. Where is the priest I want?

I lost the race for the Spiral Minaret.

I incorporate Mining Inc in 1040 AD.

I get yet another merchant in 1060 AD that is merged into Marseilles.

I get a prophet in 1200 AD and he builds the Taoist shrine.

I lost the race to free scientist from physics by one turn.

Yet another scientist is merged into Paris in 1400 AD.

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