Adventure 35, part 1

I complete Broadway in 1430 AD.

I complete Rock and Roll in 1490 AD.

I get a prophet in 1500 AD that is merged into Marseilles.

I complete the Eiffel Tower in 1520 AD.

I get nailed with global warming in 1550 AD. I've never fully understood how this works. No nuke was ever dropped, and no nuke plant melted down.

I don't know how much value it will have, but I complete Cristo Redentor in 1560 AD.

I get hit again with global warming. I hate having this pseudo-science built into the game...

I get a merchant in 1600 AD. At this point GP are becoming pretty much meaningless. The typical late game ploy of using for a golden age doesn't work. My science rate is better then my production. I simply merge him into Marseilles. I don't think Sid's is worth the bother this game, as there aren't a lot of turns left.

The space race officially begins in 1630 AD when I complete the Apollo program.

I complete Three Gorges Dam in 1660 AD.

I get a silly artist in 1680 AD. I simply merge him into Marseilles.

I complete the Internet in 1690 AD. It is worth is just to see this silliness occur. I finally complete a bunch of techs that were useless in a space race with no military.

I grabbed the engineer from fusion in 1695 AD, and merge him into Paris.

This has to be the ultimate in meaningless when it comes to great people.

This freebie from the Internet shows how behind the AI civs are.

Despite having recycling plants in all my cities, the eco extremist hit again with global warming destroying a hill by Rheims. I am definitely glad I am leaving the planet shortly.

I launched as the first AI competed Apollo.

I get a decent score for this game.

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