Adventure 53, part 2

I get a pleasant surprise when Carthage has dropped back to "we don't like you enough" in 150 BC. The war threat is gone for now. Guess I built enough military / got enough military techs for him to lose interest. I prefer to be the one controlling the pace of war. I get a prophet in 1 AD that builds the Hindu shrine in Thebes. Looking back this was a mistake. I auto-pilot used him not thinking about plenty of cash and no cultural victory. I continue to expand the empire.

I don't see this very often. My only choice whom to vote for in the AP is Justinian. I declare on Carthage right after Byzantine declares on Japan in 820 AD. I get my first general during the opening turn. I take care of the barb city Carthage stole on the other side of the empire.

Cuman falls in 840 AD. Thaenae falls in 860 AD. I get a prophet in 860 AD that trips a golden age. Thapsus falls in 880 AD. Kerkouane falls in 980 AD. Sarmatian finally falls in 980 AD. I send a force to take this town the beginning of the war, but Carthage snuck in some extra units and it let the city last a while. I wasn't trying for it, but I founded Taoism. Utica falls in 1050 AD.

Leptis falls in 1070 AD. I confirm that culture area I saw was another city that is probably a different land mass. Carthage falls in 1100 AD. Forward progress has been frustrating at this point as I keep finding hints of more cities. The way the borders are there is at least one more NW of Carthage. I keep thinking I can't have much longer to go. I check about peace, and I confirm there is a fourth city, most likely NE of Carthage. Hadrumetum (with lots of workers), Hippo and Sicca fall in 1130 AD. I sign peace with Hannibal in 1130 AD. I hate leaving him alive, but I have no idea how long before ships can make it to his island city. All the troops start heading toward the other side of the map. I have 40.47% of needed land, and I don't see enough tiles over in former Carthage to wrap it up. A little surprise is building up for Japan.

War versus Japan is declared in 1250 AD.

Izumo falls in 1260 AD. The Taj Mahal is completed in 1270AD for my second, and last, GA. The game will be over before I get two more GP. Nara falls in 1280 AD. Nagasaki falls in 1300 AD. Kagoshima falls in 1340 AD. A mounted blitz takes Yokohama in 1350 AD. The mounted units do it again, and Tokyo falls in 1360 AD. The first cannon rolls of the lines, but the game will probably be over before it sees any action. I get a prophet that takes a nap. I am up to 49.79% of land, and the new Japan cities are simply building culture to get border pops ASAP. The spies have finished mapping Japan.

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