Adventure 54, part 1

Turn 0 and I already see a nerf. Move two units lose a lot of their value. Worker in 12 and animal husbandry in 12 is a nice match. My scout clones himself. The clone pops the wheel and finds Cathy pretty close. The Great Wall is completed.

The original appreciated the experience. It let me promote to get a scout covering two hills a turn. Normally I don't think that pop is as useful. I begin to expand the empire.

I get a third scout from a hut I missed just above Harih. I don't know how much value a northern port will have. No matter what, post light house this will be a nice food heavy site.

I grab another cottage heavy city.

I get the guaranteed spy, and merge him into Yasod. I now have a southern port. I can't tell if there is any connection to the south, but it is clear there is a ton off ocean down there.

I continue to expand grabbing 2 new resources.

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