Adventure 56, part 1

City #1 is the North Pole, and 100% Canadian culture. Could this be what was hinted at?
The expansion phase begins rather tight to India. However, tech pace is key so I really want that gold.

Stonehenge is completed in 2600 BC.
It gets 2 gems, and secures copper. It is a pretty easy decision for city #3.

The Great Wall is completed in 2120 BC.
The Great Lighthouse is completed in 1920 BC.
I get a spy in 1560 BC that is merged into the North Pole. Santa needs helps seeing who is naughty or nice. I continue to expand the empire.

The Oracle is completed in 1280 BC, and I grab metal casting.
The spot is pretty crowded, but I at least lock spices. There question is can I win the culture war for ivory.

The Pyramids are completed in 950 BC, and I revolt to rep.
I get a prophet in 775 BC that will be merged into Montreal.
The Temple of Artemis is completed in 725 BC.
The Colossus is completed in 625 BC.
This looks like my last city on the mainland. Now I need to search for islands. I see one possible with stone, but I need to get a galley built to take a better look.

I get another prophet in 375 BC that is merged into Montreal.
The Great Library is completed in 275 BC.
The Parthenon is completed in 200 BC.
The stone does turn out to be an island, so I grab it.

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