Adventure 56, part 2

I get an artist in 75 BC, the turn before I will get the music artist. He joins Vancouver to help with the border wars down there.
The Shwedagon Paya is completed in 25 AD and revolt to free religion.
I founded Taoism in Ottawa in 125 AD.
The Chichen Itza is completed in 250 AD.
I get a scientist in 250 AD that builds an academy at the North Pole.
The Mausoleum of Maussollos is completed in 450 AD. The music artist starts my first GA.
I get another scientist in 520 AD, and Montreal will get an academy.
The Hanging Gardens is completed in 580 AD.
I complete the Sistine Chapel in 640 AD.
I get a merchant in 680 AD that is merged into Montreal.
The Taj Mahal is completed in 740 AD.
The University of Sankore is completed in 800 AD.
Islam in founded in the stone city - Edmonton in 840 AD.
I get a spy in 840 AD that builds Scotland Yard in the North Pole.
Angkor Wat is completed in 900 AD.
I get another artist in 980 AD. He goes on hold for now.
The Spiral Minaret is completed in 1010 AD. I am forced into war with Hannibal due to the AP.
I squeeze one more city in.

I get a priest in 1080 AD and start my third GA.
Versailles is completed in 1120 AD.
I get the economics merchant in 1130 AD that performs a trade mission.
I get an artist in 1160 AD that takes a nap.
I complete liberalism in 1220 AD and take democracy.
I get a scientist in 1280 AD that takes a nap.
I get another scientist in 1430 AD that partially researches scientific method.
The Statue of Liberty is completed in 1460 AD.
I get the communism spy in 1515 AD and start my fourth GA.
We have coal near the North Pole. Is this for the naughty civs?
The Kremlin is completed in 1555 AD. I get a prophet that takes a nap.
Santa's gifts are delivered for Christmas.

I get an engineer in 1655 AD that forms Mining Inc.
Rock and Roll is completed in 1755 AD.
Cristo Redentor is completed in 1770 AD.
The United Nations are completed in 1775 AD.
The Eiffel Tower is completed in 1780 AD. I get another prophet, that I simple merge as I don't see two more GA happening.
Hollywood is completed in 1808 AD.
I get another useless prophet in 1840 AD from a secondary city with the North Pole giving yet another useless one in 1848 AD.
Three Gorges Dam is completed in 1896 AD.
This won't be enough to make up the diplomatic deficit, but I gain a new city.

The torture of the prophet continues in 1905 AD. They continue to join the empire.

Just for laughs I complete the Internet in 1914 AD.
The Space Elevator is completed in 1922 AD.
I get a meaningless spy in 1937 AD.
I get the fusion engineer in 1944 AD.
Just as I am finishing up my last space parts, oops:

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