Adventure 60, part 1

I can tell this is the first time I played civ on the new PC. It takes me awhile just to recall how to set the options. My last reported game is over 1 year ago.

The map seems build to require paratroopers on the surface. Upon looking closer, Japan is reachable by a landing. I now have to hope I recall how forts work correctly.

Iíve already decide to make this a 99% troops building game even skipping things like Iron Works and West Point as I hope the game wonít last long enough to make it pay off.

I find it interesting that the 4 blimps were set perfectly to let us view the 4 capitols. After looking, it is clear China is target 1.

I swap civics to include nationhood and rep. Rep is marginally better, and I only did it as a bonus to the switch to nationhood. I debated slavery, but finally picked it to help with the newly captured cities. I hope it wonít matter much, but a couple of the Japanese cities look like they share ugly borders.

I notice that China is isolated 100% via the barbs. I still decide to immediately declare hoping China may move some of their troops out of the capitol.

I donít know how hard the stacks of barbs will hit, but I am still sending every troop that can reach to the hill. What limited units that could attacked the first turn. I put a lot of cannon damage on the stack. This game is 100% a race against the clock, so Iím playing for more risky than normal. I really want to report an adventure for the first time in ages. I look at this as the worst part of civ, the late game wrap up. The barb counterattack is brutal, and the collateral damage hurts the stack enough to cost several strong units. Most of the rest of the stack needs healing badly.

I build a new city hoping by the time Iím ready to attack that I can push the borders back at least a square.

This will probably be my last city build of the game. I was worried about the culture borders by the mountains, and I already saw an expansion. This city is pretty much building culture. It also serves short-term tactical needs with a base the fighters can bomb from, and put a lot of troops needing healing inside my borders for faster healing.

I get a shock with Chinaís borders expanding right after building this. I lost part of my advantage, as the city is now choked by Chinese culture. A lot of my units just lost at least one turn because of the border expansion. The brand new city by China suffers a revolt absurdly fast. At least I get my first GG in 1884 AD. China falls in 1886 AD and I get another GG. Iím wondering if total culture was part of the edit of this game. A city with merged artists should have had its borders expanded a lot further.

I declare war on Japan in 1892. 9 transports drop units off by Nara, and it falls in 1894. I get a peek at the troop count of a Byzantine city, and I donít like the troop volume. It seems pretty high for just noble level. Kyoto falls in 1900 AD. Satsuma falls in 1902 AD. The second capitol is captured.

I sign peace with Japan, as I donít see him joining my wars vs. the other 2 civs. In a normally game I would finish off the rest of the cities near me.

I am really getting sick of the global warming hits this game. Iíve never seen this garbage hit so many times in the game.

I get a surprise in 1908 with the notice of the Celts completing Apollo. I declare war on the Byzantine in 1910 AD. Despite being cynical about troop levels for "noble" I still get screwed with losing Ghulaman and watching 4 bombers get toasted. I will have to waste turns in back tracking. The AI blew it as they have taken Gordium if they moved there stack against it. The artillery collateral damage would have been major.

Iím fearful of a culture choke, and getting the large stack trapped there. I sign peace in 1919 once I know all my troops have crossed into my borders.

I declare on the Celts in 1920 AD. I debated a turn earlier, but I still had too many troops shifting around from the last war. Hopefully this wasnít a mistake, but I am trying to force myself to play hyper aggressive, something I am not at all us to. The Celtic counter attack was brutal. Despite an absurdly large SoD I still watch multiple units die to him.

This ends the scenario, as that is the last capitol left captured in 1923 AD. If this was being played to the end, I would be in deep trouble right now. I took very high losses on my air force to get the city down to 0% before arriving. You can see in the picture above the stacks marching into my land. The half visible infantry destroyed a fort that I left 4 bombers in to help destroy the last capitol. Iíve taken very bad losses with my newly arriving troops as I worked those stacks down.
My gut says at best middle of the pack in the competition. I was way too rusty with civ, and trying to play a game way too atypical.

My tech path was radio for bombers, artillery, fascism for paratroops (that didn't get much use), rocketry (don't recall why), and democracy (random choice as I didn't think this tech would matter).

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