Adventure 61, part 1

I glad to start with hunting looking at this start.
I suspect we are near the South Pole.
My luck with huts starts nicely with getting agriculture.
This looks pink to me with gold, wet rice, cattle, and lots of flood plains.

At the moment the site is more whitish, but as the red culture takes over the corn it will become pink. The Mongols beat me by a handful of turns despite fast settler building. Of course the real prize of horses won’t be bothered by their city to the north.

It gets seafood, gold, silks, and lots of flood plains. This one also looks pink.

We have metal, need I say anything more?

This is a filler city to lock in stone. My economy is hitting the typical early game crash, but long-term size = power. I have the first cottages starting, and should be able to work more gold shortly to help limp to currency.

This is a filler city to grab some decent territory.

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