Adventure 61, part 2

You know you are running a really tight economy when a random event wiping out a gold mine drops the science rate by 10%.

Giant statues will eventually give this decent production.

The Great Lighthouse is completed in 250 BC.
As the years will begin to move forward, I am off to a good start. I am 27% higher in score then my nearest neighbor, and tied for power. There looks like a decent chance I wonít have to finish this one. That would work out great, since I started playing this to close to the deadline. Tech the moment is the bottle neck despite the lighthouse helping out with trade routes.

I was starting to build up to take out Zara. My cities all had decent defense, and the offensive stack just started building. My plans are changed in 50 AD when Brenus comes my way.
I already get my first great general in 225 AD that will become a super medic.

I complete the Pyramids in 350 AD, and go to representation.
I get another great general in 560 AD. He will build an academy in Rostov.
Another general arrives in 620 AD. He will build an academy in Moscow. Being in rep, I appreciate the bonus beakers.
An engineer arrives in 640 AD, and he will wait for me to research a wonder to build. I am still hurting from over expansion and way too many units to keep the Celts at bay.
I finally use the engineer in 1030 AD to rush Shwedagon Paya. I revolt to free religion to avoid any more religious swap demands.
Yet another great general arrives in 1040 AD, and he builds an academy in Yakutsk.
The great general rush continues in 1110 AD, and he builds an academy in St. Petersburg.
This has been a really long stalemate. I have been able to keep enough units to stop the Celts. But it has been taking forever to get tech even in units. Fighting elephants with crossbows isnít fun.
I get a pleasant surprise when I am the first to music in 1120 AD. The great artist starts a golden age.
I get a scientist in 1130 AD. He builds an academy in St. Petersburg.

The offensive has finally begun. I was delayed my multiple factors including my economy was so weak that I couldnít afford the supply cost to attack. For a while as fast as I build catapults, they were being used to break his stacks with elephants.
I picked up the Colossus in this city.

If there was ever a game when bureaucracy sucks, this is it. They only way it would pay it to move the palace, and I am hoping the game wonít last that long. I only have 3 days left before the deadline.

Another great general arrives the first turn of the assault on Bibracte. I need to build a chariot to create another medic. I have now broken the back of the Celts, and have the top score just barely above 50%. However, Zara is being the typical tech hog, so I donít have a 5 tech lead vs. him.

I get a great scientist in 1350 AD who researches paper.

I have gotten strong enough to split stacks. I built a second stack with reinforcements that let me grab this one without sending the main stack backwards.

This game is going to be tough to wrap up, as Zara is the first to discover liberalism in 1420 AD. That has made it far more difficult to get the 5 tech lead to declare this an early wrap.

The main military stack moves forward grabbing another city. However, I took very heavy bombard losses. This stack is waiting for new bombard units to make progress.

A great artist arrives in 1505 AD that will be saved toward a golden age.
Another Celtic city falls.

I change my mind on the artist, and merge him into Novgorod. I am barely keeping control of the corn and gems that make this city worthwhile.

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