Epic 1, the early years until 1 AD:

I move the settler 2 NE to so that Paris will include wheat and cows.  One thing hasn't change with civ4, and that is people = power.  The 2-shield hill for the capital is a nice plus.

Well I hope this guy goes away before my settler arrives. I really want to settler that copper spot.

I got lucky and he did.

Well this is my third city. How nice of the barbs to help out. I would have preferred one east to get value out of the desert, but I couldn't justify a settler for it. You can see my pathetic score at this point in the game.

My neighbors are the Mongols (early military is critical), the Aztecs (this game is going to be downright cruel), Gandhi (finally a friendly civ), Greece (another aggressive pain), and America (don't have a feel for them).

Huts were a dud as I got just two for experience and $64.

I went for a worker at size 2, as those cows are just too powerful to ignore.

My early civics were:

Slavery - if a city is stuck for growth, I may as well convert people to shields.

Hereditary rule - I get it early thanks to the Pyramids. Happiness will be a major issue until calendar gets some of those luxuries on-line.

The only wonder completed during this time was The Pyramids in 900BC.

My first religion appears Hinduism spreads to my borders in 400 BC. Since that will really help with two hostile neighbors I immediately adopt it. I suspect adopting their religion together with military paranoia was why I never was bother by the crazy duo.

At the end of this time frame I have 3 cities including 1 captured from the barbs.

My tech push was for military, and more military. Between my two chaotic neighbors, and all that jungle I really needed archers, axeman and swords.

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