Epic 1, early AD times to ~1000 AD

By the time I can research code of laws, my economy is on the verge of collapse.

My civic changes are organized religion so that I can spread Hinduism now. It later had to be reversed due to the collapsing economy.

I completed the Parthenon, and the Hanging Gardens (the extra health is needed).

At this point the game looks really bad as India is running away with tech. I can't declare war on India because of the variant, so I am really stumped what to do.

At this point I think the cultural win goal is very low, as I haven't build enough wonders and lack a variety of religions.

Events of note during this time are:

The capture of another barb city at 320 AD:

The capture of yet another barb city at 620 AD:

I did at least get up to the middle of the pack at this time.

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