Epic 6, the ancient and classical eras

My first push will be archers.  This is AW, so do I need to say more?  My first build is a warrior since I start with a scout.  After sending the scout north, and seeing coastline, I decide to bring the settler one north.  Three from the coast would most likely leave me half of a city up north.

Gandhi must be my closest neighbor, as he shows up first.  Considering where Gandhi's warrior showed up, I am glad I built a warrior first.  The game might have ended before 3000BC without that warrior.  Peter shows up a little bit later.  My next enemy is Alexander whom I get my first kill, his scout.

Getting the border to pop will be a pain, but I have secured the critical copper.  I also have stone to speed up a lot of wonders. 

I finally meet another enemy with Roosevelt.   The next victim is Isabella with Saladin shortly after. 

This city will be a military only city, but in AW that isn't a bad thing.

The war starts to heat up when Tokugawa shows up with a spear.   I will need that copper up and running soon.   I enter the classical era when I get code of laws.   Hamburg, the big economy city, is the founding location for Confucianism.

I pull of the Oracle slingshot and get civil service.   I will appreciate the shield boast in Berlin, and this goes a long way toward improving Munich.

This officially puts me in the medieval era.   Of course, it will be a LONG time before I research another tech in that era.

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