Epic 6, the medieval era

With this being AW, do I need to tell you what type of government I chose?

One of my key goals is to take advantage of noble level, and stay ahead in tech. This is the best way to get a good loss ratio. This is also a defensive move, as I can't allow the AI to have a wonder that boast science and GP points.

I take a freebie, thanks to my great engineer. I complete the Parthenon.

This is my first city kill. I doubt I will get honorable mention for this late of a kill.

I finally built city #4. I realize it is an odd one from the river, but this is the best way to get the 4 flood plains in the red box. With those I expect to have a nice shield city taking advantage of all of those hills. In this food poor environment redeeming a desert tile is a big plus.

My first great scientist builds an academy in Berlin. The GL has already paid off with a permanent boast to my research rate. I hope to get another one for Hamburg, my other key science source.

When I complete theology, I immediate change to the theocracy civic. Starting with 2 promotions is a big plus. Anything that will reduce losses is with worth it. I need to be able to let cities work on infrastructure at times, and I want enough troops to feel another city is safe. While the empire is strong economically, it lacks is size. Bigger size really helps with production. I also founded Christianity, but it is Munich. That city really lacks in income. Of the 4 current cities, that was the worst possible location for me.

I get another scientist, and Hamburg gets the academy that I wanted. I get a third scientist, and I really don't need another academy. Cologne doesn't have the research potential to justify an academy. I decide on philosophy, as that lets me found Taoism. I am really cursed, and another religion is founded in no income Munich. The bigger reason is that should all but insure I am first to liberalism since I got a huge head start vs. the AIs.

I finally pop a resource. I certainly don't argue with the gems. With forges coming on-line, I really appreciate the 2 extra happy people.

I already had a feeling Gandhi was by number one threat based on his tech position. Seeing the popup given me the 2nd most powerful civ after him confirms I need to start hitting India soon.

I am cursed when it comes to GP. I get even another scientist. At this point, I really want a prophet for the Confucian shrine. He simply becomes a super specialist in Hamburg.

I swear the AI knows when you are building wonders. It has ignored the stone hill for ages, but when I decide to go for Hanging Gardens it disconnects the road.

The game has really started to get ugly in the early 1200s. I am seeing my first war elephants, and Gandhi has longbows. I failed to keep the desperately needed tech edge. I could still lose this one. My first maces arrive just in time.

Better late then never:

I get an all but worthless artist as my new GP. I merge him into Hamburg for the +3 gold. The other choice was to research drama, at 5 lousy turns. With my empire size, I had no interest in saving him for GA.

I finally start on the offensive, after getting a break in the attacks. Hurting India is a good thing, as he is the strongest AI for tech.

Add another to the list. Hopefully with adding more prophet points, I can finally get the Confucian shrine I want. As an industrious civ with access to stone, these wonders are hard to pass up.

I don't think I have ever had such bad luck with GP in Civ4 before. At some point I will want liberalism, but I don't feel a scientist is worth burning for just 9 turns on paper. I merge him into Hamburg, to continue to create a super research city.

Oh well, so much for the Islamic holy city. This location doesn't work for me, so it is razed to the ground. A new German city is planned for pink dot.

My GP luck finally goes the right way, and I finally get to build the Confucian shrine. My economy is struggling to keep at 50 to 60 science rate, so that extra income is a big plus.

My wonder obsession continues with Angkor War. Not a big gain, but so far the AI has only built a single wonder - Stonehenge. The denial factor alone has value. Any additional GP points are appreciated. With my struggling economy, I would be happy with a Taoist shrine also. I think I have gotten more GP, then the rest of the AIs combined.

I enter the renaissance era in 1610 AD.

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