Epic 8, the ancient and classical eras

The first thing that strikes me odd is the additional warrior. This has to be something due to the setup of potluck.

I settle the capital 2 east on the start position on the hill to get the gold tile in range. I forget how screwed up Egypt is. It is a spiritual civ that lacks Mysticism. To me one of the big advantages of spiritual is an early religion. Based on this I decide to forget the first two religions.

My first surprise is Mansa going Buddhist. That is *not* the civ I expect to see founding a religion. When Saladin founds Hinduism I know my side of the map will be ugly. The choice of religion to adopt, if any, will be a hard one.

My initial tech path was animal husbandry, mining, pottery, and bronze working.

I got from huts: low gold, scout, fishing, high gold, record number hostiles, and low gold.

I meet the civs in the following order: Mali, Arabia, England, China, Rome, America, and Japan.

My first city built a little while ago to secure metal.

Talk about a dollar short, and a day late. This city will not stay English...

I know this is going to hurt my relations with the Mali, but I really like war elephants.

The spread of religion is so chaotic. I get Judaism as the first religion inside my borders. I have no clue who founded that religion. I suspect one of my neighbors since nobody adopted it as a state religion.

I entered the classical era in 730 BC by the founding of Confucianism. I know I am going to get hit with early wars.

I pull of my favorite slingshot. This puts me into the medieval era.

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