Epic 9, the ancient and classical eras

I am going to take the worker build and animal husbandry as hint there are no nearby civs, and leave things alone. I get a map from a hut that hints of land to the NE. The next hut gives some gold.

My initial build order was worker, warrior, barracks (1 turn) and settler.

My initial tech path was animal husbandry, agriculture, mining, and pottery.

I build Stonehenge in 1330 BC. The game has officially become AW when my borders expand causing a war declaration vs. Tokugawa. I build the Pyramids in 760 BC. I immediately revolt to representation. I enter the classical era in 490 BC by founding Confucianism. Now that my initial goals are complete I have some serious tech back filling to complete. I am now at war win Qin, but I have no idea how. I build my next city, and plan this one to be a military only city. Even with islands, I do need to be ready for landings sooner or later. Plus I still need to fog bust in the west, as I don't know about the hint of land over there. I don't want a stupidly placed city with the no raze option.

My first GP is a prophet, and I build the Confucian shrine. I snag the Great Lighthouse in 265 BC. The extra two trade routes will really help. In addition, I want to deny the AI extra income. The human player also suffers big time in AW due to lousy trade route income. I hope this will offset it somewhat. Are you kidding me? How in the world does Tokugawa get to the top of the list?

I popped another one. Karakorum becomes even a stronger shield powerhouse.

The next war starts with Cyrus. I complete the Hanging Gardens in 230 AD. I get a great merchant that I merge into Beshbalik. With running representation, merged specialists are really nice. With calendar almost complete, I finally build the next city. I needed the plantation on those spices to get it to any type of decent size.

I add Chichen Itza to my wonder list mostly for the prophet points. It officially becomes AW in 665 AD when AI lands 2 units, and attacks me. Of course, his second axe beats an axe on a hill with shock promotion without a scratch. I entered the medieval era in 785 AD.

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