Epic 13, the ancient and classical eras

My initial tech path was agriculture, animal husbandry, the wheel and pottery.
My initial builds were worker, warrior, and warrior.
Huts produced low gold, a few turns to top of agriculture, experience, low gold, and hostiles that killed the warrior. I want to slap whomever at Firaxis decided to give us partially researched techs.

I move 1 south to get the sheep inside the city limits, along with getting a 2 shield city center.

With the amount of flood plains, I had to grab this spot ASAP even before knowing where the copper is.

A source of copper is secured.

I entered the classical era in 950 BC with the discovery of iron working.

I start very early aggression, and declare war on Sitting Bull in 625 BC. I already wanted his lands before he built the Great Wall. It costs several axes, but I quickly gain my first goal. I gain the Buddhist holy city. Now I need to come up with a prophet source.

I lost 4 axes taking it, but I continue to pound on Sitting Bull.

The losses were horrific, including most of my CR axes, but Sitting Bull is no more. 10 dead axes to take one town was obscene. At least I pick up a GG for my troubles.
Time to salvage my economy, and my military.

I complete my first wonder, the Temple of Artemis in 280 AD.
Grabbing the Great Wall is really nice when I see a message about massive barbarian uprising. I add Chichen Itza to my list of wonders in 580 AD.
This city won't be great until CS when I get irrigation there, but I want to secure the second iron source.

I get a great spy that is merged into Aksum.
I add Mausoleum of Maussollos to my list of wonders in 730 AD.

I secure the southwest and all the nice furry creatures.

I entered the medieval era in 870 AD.

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