Epic 13, the medieval & renaissance era

I complete the Colossus in Poverty Point in 920 AD. There is something perverse about building that wonder on a lake.
I lost the die roll and got the 1/3 chance for a merchant. I was hoping for a prophet to build the Buddhist shrine. I start a GA with the merchant for 15 turns.

I get my first random event for the game, and it is mildly negative. I love the lack of choices, NOT.

I fill out the upper northwest corner. I capture the barb city at the same time. This is pretty much the end of peaceful expansion.

I entered the renaissance era in 1255 AD.

There are some interesting random events. What isn't clear is will I get my moneys worth? I don't need the cultural, so that only benefit is $3/turn + multipliers. The multipliers will take awhile to get built in Yeha.

I finally get my prophet in 1320 AD, and build the Buddhist shrine. This leaves the Islamic shrine the only one not built. This is my first full game, but it feels like the AIs are more aggressive at getting the shrines built.

I am on the warpath again in 1405 AD. I declare on my closest neighbor - Pacal. I begin by snagging the two cities along my borders.

I just barely take the next city despite attacking with what I thought was an overkill stack as it approached. The comments that the AI guards its borders better are showing to be true. I thought I had overkill to completely take out Pacal with my initial troops, but now I am not sure. I have to build up the troops more then I thought.

Random events are becoming a pain. One of my key military cities with a military academy has to rebuild its forge due to a hurricane.
I draw another merchant in 1460 AD. My initial thought was GA, but after looking how long it will be to my next GP I simply grab banking. I am not willing to gamble on getting a merchant overseas during a war.
This is the end of round 1 vs. Pacal. Taking this city burned my military out, and I have zero siege units left. I forget where I saw the comment, but I agree siege units have been nerfed big time. The losses to take that city were absurd. It will take a long time to rebuild enough troops to go back on the offensive.

I start another GA in 1500 AD when I build Taj Mahal. This will help speed up troop rebuilding, especially with the extended GA.

In 1660 AD one of the AI finally decides to declare war. Joao is coming after me. I have no luck getting an ally, as all the AI civs refuse to consider a war. I am shocked when he is already willing to consider peace in 1680 AD. I take it along with $200, as he is to far away to bother fighting. My only guess is he couldn't stand that 100% of the losses were his while trying to assault Chichen Itza.

I entered the industrial era in 1685 AD.

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