Epic 16, the ancient through classical eras

The bad thing about starting with an executive is lack of scouting. I will only get away with a handful of turns scouting before I have to return him into my borders.
I debated going for a religion, but with my target wonders of the Great Lighthouse and Colossus it really doesn't make sense as getting a prophet will take quite a bit of time.
Having Sid's Sushi at the beginning has added a lot of difficult decisions. I fast track the work boat knowing it will hurt the economy big time by adding corporation payments for one lousy bonus food from Sid's.
For an island map this will be an awesome production city.

I complete Stonehenge in 1650 BC.
I follow up with the Great Wall in 1575 BC.
I expand the empire to add a commerce city. My economy can use the help.

I complete the Great Lighthouse in 975 BC.
I get a spy that is merged into Nidaros.
I see one of the earliest dates ever for Christianity - 750 BC. It appears to have been from an Oracle tech grab.
I complete the Pyramids in 500 BC and revolt to representation.
I finally get Sid's into my third city. The 50% science limit is really making spreading the corporation hard.
It is about time that I claim some metal.

I draw a merchant that is merged into the capitol. I can use the income bonus.
I entered the classic era in 35 BC.
Spreading Sid's with the 50% science limit continues to be brutal. I barely get Sid's to my fourth city. I had to wait for the Nidaros to recover from the whip of the executive in order to use get him into action.

Now if I could get to the point of having external trade routes, all these headaches would go away. The trouble is it takes forever to expose the proper route on a water map like this.
I score 20 (corp.) + 8 (seafood) for a total of 28 points and the first scoring point.

I complete the other island wonder of Colossus in 205 AD.
I pop another merchant that is merged into Nidaros.
I expand the empire thanks to the barbarians.

I entered the medieval era in 625 AD after researching music.

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