Epic 17, the ancient through medieval eras

I found on the starting spot. While I have decided to go cultural, getting 9 cities on a Pangaea will be tough. Therefore I am not going to try for the first two religions. My early goal needs to be ASAP expansion.
Hut provided maps, gold, scout, and gold.
Based on the civs I am finding nearby, I picked the wrong goal. Khan, Alexander and Monty are too dangerous for nearby neighbors.
It will be in a fight with Khan for the third gold, but I have a super income city. It has enough production to make it my second culture city. With all that gold the culture will pump like crazy once we can up the slider.

I entered the classical era in 2575 BC. I am glad to see I have iron that is more reasonable that then ugly copper spot.
I chop out Stonehenge in 2200 BC.
I snag my first religion in 1675 BC - Judaism.
I grab another income city with some production. My next goal needs to be a heavy production city. The only trouble is I also want the weak production city to the north with elephants and dyes.
I complete the Oracle in 1325 BC and grab metal casting. An early forge (especially with gold) is a good thing.
I get a prophet almost immediately after that. After counting the number of turns until I can grab theology, I decide to have him make a Jewish shrine.
This picture also shows my third city that I forget to take a picture of.

My next prophet that arrives in 425 BC founds Christianity. This puts me into the medieval era. Of course it has to be founded in the newly captured barb city.
My first screw over is when I miss the Temple of Artemis by one turn. The killer is I delayed this slightly as I didn't want to risk an absurd small chance at a merchant costing me religion number 2. All it does is give me plenty of deficit financing money.
I found Confucianism in Vijay in 350 BC. I now have my minimum number of religions to have a decent chance at a fast cultural win. I wouldn't argue with a couple more.
The barbs are determined to build all my cities for me. It coming with a free worker was a nice bonus.

The empire continues to expand.

I complete the Parthenon in 50 BC.
I complete the Statue of Zeus in 55 AD.
My first headache appears when Hannibal declares war in 145 AD. Fourth in soldiers and staying neutral in the religion wars wasn't enough.
I get another priest in 160 AD, and he will build the Confucian shrine.
I snagged the music artist in 325 AD and merge him into Vijay.
I complete the Mausoleum of Maussollos in 340 AD. I follow up with the Great Library in 400 AD.
This game is really getting tiresome. Now Khan declares war. I hate playing with all these nearby aggressive civs. Getting up to third in soldiers wasn't enough.
I complete a key culture wonder in 520 AD, the Sistine Chapel. Now I need Monty to spread he religion my way, as Hinduism is the only religion I feel safe adopting.
I get another artist in 550 AD that is merged into Vijay.
When Monty makes peace with Hannibal in 640 AD, I do the same thing.
My key break occurs in 715 AD when I finally get Hinduism. I immediately revolt to it, and adopt OR.
I extract my reparations from Khan for declaring war. I then sign peace with me having to pay a bit, but the city was worth it. I gained a new health and happy resource. It also ensures I will get 9 cities.

I get a scientist that builds an academy in Bombay.
My GP luck continues in 950 AD, and my newest artist is merged into Bombay. This same turn I start the Confucian gambit. I make that my state religion for exactly 5 turns to make sure the AP is a religion that barely helps the AI. I finally build the AP in 980 AD.
The nonsense starts again in 1070 AD when Hannibal declares war on me again. My buddy Monty declares on Hannibal on his own. I guess that is why his hands were to full.
I need at least nine cities. The expansion phase continues during the war.

I complete Norte Dame in 1180 AD.
It seems like most games I curse how many artists I get. Luckily, the game I need them I still get them. I get another artist in 1240 that is merged into Bombay.
I have my ninth city.

My artist factory starts to pay off, and I merged another artist into Bombay in 1285 AD.
I get stuck with a scientist in 1335 AD, and he builds an academy in Vijay.
This will be my last natural city. This locks up the incense.
[The picture for this one was lost. I found this up north on the incense / fish / iron site.]
I entered the renaissance era in 1360 AD.

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