Epic 19, the ancient through classical eras

I played around some with the advance start option before starting the epic. You can do some really weird things with advanced start. I got overwhelmed with analysis paralysis the first time I looked at the available options.
This was my pick for city locations.

I build 3 scouts, and 1 worker. My tech was bronze working with a disappointment of no visible copper.
I set a record and enter the classic era in 3950 BC when I popped iron working from a hut!
My luck quickly turns when the psycho Monty is the first to say hello.
My third city claims iron.

I declare war on Monty in 1575 BC.
I raze this nuisance at the cost of 1 sword.

I raze another city of Monty's. It was better defended, but it still only cost 1 sword. I can tell I've put the hurt on Monty, as he will already talk peace. However, I still have 4 more cities to deal with.

Another city of Monty's bites the dust at the cost of 1 sword.

It came down to my non-sword units, but I capture the prize. It will take some time to finish Monty off, as I need my replacement swords to arrive. This battle earned me a general that was merged into Gondar.

I hated to divert to expansion, but Asoka is stealing to many of my sites. I need to cut him off from the north. I already lost the southwest area.

Some lousy rolls cost my 3 quality swords, but another city is razed. I got delayed getting to this city as a previous stack had to retreat after losing nonsense battles such as a chariot kills my sword.

Another of Monty's cities is razed. I see the border of the last mystery city.

Monty has left the game. Now it is time to go into pure economy mode. I normally don't do early wars like this, so I am not use to recovering from this type of deficit.

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