Epic 19, the classical era continued

I am back into expansion mode.

I get the greed quest to grab horses from Asoka. This quest will most likely expire. I have way too much free land to bother with another war.
This is a nice city, so I keep it.

I capture another nice barbarian city.

I've already lost the battle for the Great Library, but this city is still worth it with the double fish.

The below is the 10 AD scoring point. I have to hope I do well in the land scoring as I neglected the economy to long in order to kill psycho Monty.

Now that I traded for calendar I want to get the silk on-line.

I get currency in 145 AD and the economy is starting to heal. I can now afford some badly needed workers. I can afford to go off research in a city such as Chehalis costing me almost $8/turn and finally build a courthouse.
I thought you could only get one quest at a time. It doesn't see like it has been 150 turns since the greed quest. I need to complete 7 libraries.
With dyes and bananas this barb town is worth keeping.

It is to late to found Taoism, but I still have my scientist research philosophy. This puts me into the medieval era.

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