Warlords 1, the ancient and classical eras

This is a very delayed shadow of the game. The game originally closed in the middle of December. Due to the lack of new RB events, I decided to try some of the old events that I never got around to playing. This is the first of them. There were so few reports that I don't recall many details about this game, but since it will publish 2 months late it is clearly a shadow. I didn't even own Warlords until the end of December. For those of you whom forget the starting position:

My initial tech path was fishing, mining, bronze working, and animal husbandry. My initial builds were warrior (paused with fishing), work boat, warrior and settler. Huts produced high gold, low gold, and experience.

It will need a border expansion for the crabs. I don't want to waste the grassland tile. I already have a bad feeling about commerce being an issue, as I haven't see a lot of grassland. Seeing the whales after dropping the city was annoying.

This will be a production city. Within the cities I currently have so far, it will be the Heroic Epic city.

I entered the classic era in 1120 BC. This is another city with commerce potential due to all of the grassland to the east.

This is the end of the initial expansion phase. With three food bonus tiles, I already see the future home of Globe Theater.

My current economy won't let me keep it, but scratch a barbarian city.

With the economy improving thanks to some courts, I can afford another city that claims a calendar resource just in time.

I get my first scientist, and use him to get philosophy one turn to late to found a new religion. This puts me into the medieval era.

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