Warlords 1, the medieval and renaissance eras

I continue to expand to claim more happiness resources.

I knew the Psycho lady would declare sooner or later. My first war begins against Isabella in 1106 AD. I give up drama to get my good buddy Monty to join the war. The first city falls rather quickly.

I am forced to stop the war early, as I am locked out of all foreign trade routes. My economy just can't withstand it. I will be going back soon enough, but I need time for my globe theater city to whip out a bunch of military. Another war starts shortly after 1400 AD when my good friend Monty asks for help.

We get a prophet that I built planning for the Jewish shrine went I take it from Spain. That may finally solve my income problems, along with a horrid science rate. We now own the Jewish holy city and the new shrine is already worth $17/turn before I try to spread the religion to my cities.

The war ends went Monty makes peace, and I wasn't quite ready to try and assault the capital. I am suffering a first that I have never had before. Every single civ in the game I have open borders with went into mercantilism. That really makes it a pain to get a decent economy going...

I enter the renaissance era in 1559 AD. I get my first trading break in awhile when I give up nationalism to gain several of my missing techs. I am still behind the AIs more then I would like, but it helps. In addition I got a nice block of cash that let me upgrade multiple axes to maces. I am having a hard enough time being behind in military technology, so I will take anything possible to improve my power ratings. With several civs having gunpowder, I need to discourage any wars.
I am surviving on diplomatic goodwill, as the only threats are last place Stalin, and Izzy. The top three civs share Confucianism, and I was lucky to side with Monty's religion. The only reason I did is I feel Monty is a much higher military threat then Spain.
I can't recall the last game I played where I was so active looking for people to sell my map to. I need every possible penny to keep research going, and to upgrade troops. I don't like being ranked 5th in soldiers.

I get a very low odds I get an engineer. There are ZERO wonders available at this time. I will hold on to him hoping for a good wonder to become available.

This game has been a brutal catch up battle. Every single tech has been sold to anyone whom will take it to let me catch up. I even used the one or two turns of research trick to use up a tech like chemistry that several AIs were lacking. This added education for one turn of research, replaceable parts for two turns of research, and astronomy for three turns of research thanks to education. I fear the WFYABTA limit will hit soon, but I desperately need to catch up with tech. I gained 3 more techs in 6 turns, after gaining some directly from chemistry and I still have a long way to go to catch up.

The third Spanish war starts in 1676 AD. I have now drafted a nice stack of muskets, and have a few cavalry on top of the stack. At this point Ghuzz has turned out awesome since I can draft every two to three turns in addition to the cattle gives enough shields to build a few units naturally between the drafting.

This war finally gives me my first general that I use for a military academy. I get a laugh when Monty joins the party on in 1694 AD without me prompting him to do so. As you can see Madrid was an awesome capture.

I love it when I can steal a city just before the AI can get it. What is even better is that Monty landed a large stack of troops just south of it. It is better when it comes with a lot of buildings intact.

I am really starting to understand why players hate the vassal states option. I was one turn from taking Toledo, and then swing along the peninsula to take out the rest of Spain. My empire needs to be larger to try for the UN, and probably to even try for space.

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