Warlords 3, the ancient and classical eras

After looking at the map I move 1 tile S based on probable ocean tiles.
I debated trying to monopolize the world's religions, but by the time the UN arrives most nations will be in free religion.

My initial tech path was agriculture, the wheel, and pottery. I am financial after all.
My initial builds were worker, warrior, and settler.
Huts produced map, and hostiles.

It is an aggressive placement with Moscow nearby, but two luxuries and the floodplains are too hard to resist.

I continue to grab the sites that Stalin is ignoring.

I entered the classical era in 1280 BC.

I complete code of laws to found Confucianism, and the same turn as the Oracle complete. You can tell I am playing on prince.

I have already entered the medieval area. I have a feeling I will stay there a long time.

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