Warlords 3, the medieval era

This is the edge of my northern expansion. All that is left are two backfill cities.

I complete Stonehenge in 400 BC. With stone and bureaucracy I think it was worth 4 turns of production.

I complete the Great Wall in 100 BC.

I get a prophet in 1 AD whom builds the Confucian shrine.

I build a backfill city.

I complete the Pyramids in 300 AD, and revolt to representation.

Well I have my first mistake. I waited to long for the wheat filler city. Even with Bureaucracy Seoul can only do so much.

I complete a late Great Library in 800 AD. I follow that up with an engineer rushed Notre Dame.
I build another backfill city.

I pop a scientist in 1070 AD that builds an academy in Seoul.
I pop a GE in 1220 AD that will wait for an interesting build. Hagia Sophia is useless when I am almost out of worker tasks. Without running a religion I have no interest in Sankore.
I entered the renaissance era in 1240 AD.

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