Adventure 1, part 1

I suspect people will find a lot of mistakes in the game. I played one short test game to test of the UI, and basics before I started the event.

I am by a river for the housing bonus. I just settle in place. Somehow it seems appropriate the Japan has access to rice. I move one north, and I get inspiration toward foreign trade. This is odd placement of the continental divide.

I've seen multiple comments about barbs out of control, but I still start with a builder. I will use him to fast chop 3 military units, so I should be quickly ahead of the game.
On turn 7, I confirm how fast barbs show up as I see a scout in the distance.
I suspect that discipline will be a favorite early policy for most. Help fighting the barbs is very valuable.

I quickly change my mind on the 3 chops, and include an ASAP settler. Tokyo isn't the strongest long-term city, but short-term should do well. I'm looking at a shield now is worth 2 later in the game. It will go military / builder heavy to start. The city being coastal syncs up well with Japan's bonus, and it should be easier to defend.

Kabul is the first city-state I meet. A bonus of production +2 toward military units is appreciated. As an extra bonus, they distract the barbs near Kyoto.
Jakarta arrives shortly afterwards, with a gold bonus in the capitol.
I recognize city-states from my limited Civ5 experience, but the envoy system to lock permanent benefits is a lot different than dumping gold on them for temporary benefits.

Turn 40 causes another pause. The religion tree is something I am not use to. I go with short-term, and the fishing boat bonus since Kyoto will be building 2 shortly.
My first set-back is Stonehenge was built by someone else before I even finished researching the tech. That kills the very early religion grab.

My third city arrives securing a source of horses. The chokepoint position should limit the effects of barbs.

I finally meet another civ on turn 74, Egypt. When I see how close their capital is, I am really surprised we didn't meet sooner.

Another city is founded. With all the shields from the rainforest, I hope this will eventually be a good production city.

I now have a source of iron. The city isn't the strongest, but it is worth it for the strategic resource. The silver is a nice bonus.

I finally make contact with another civ - Arabia.

I have no idea what is late to build this wonder, but I complete the Pyramids on turn 118.
I get a shock when Egypt comes to contact me for a deal, and they still only have one city and no resources to trade.
I complete the Hanging Gardens on turn 127.
I finally find another civ - Rome. It turns out to be another civ with just one city?
On turn 166 I get my first great person - a general.
On turn 177 I get a great engineer.
On turn 182 I complete Terracotta Army. The next turn I rush the Great Lighthouse. I am not sure how good a wonder it is on a mostly land map.
On turn 186 the Colossus is completed. The free trader alone recovers a lot of the shields put in. I finally meet China. I grab a merchant on turn 189.
I find Congo on turn 196.
It isn't an optimal location, but I decide to fill in the blank spot in my area.

I get another engineer on turn 209. He will top off Chechen Itza. I then get a great admiral that I really don't know how will get used. I purchased a great merchant at this time.
After a long period of peace Egypt declares war, and America immediately follows on turn 217. They both signed peace a few turns later after none of our units fought.
Starting with turn 243 I started getting a rush of great people, and the wonder rush goes out of control. Part of that is because I keep running out of things of worth to build.
I finally complete a great work on turn 277.
Arabia declares war on turn 324. It turns into another phony war.
Jakarta shouldn't have sided with my enemies.

The game ends on turn 387 with a win by culture. The flood of great works, archaeologist digs, and other cultural stuff from the great person flood is what let this one end.

This was totally out of the blue. 4 had a much better set of screens to give you an idea how close the game was to ending.

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